December is always brutal for me. I don’t have good self control and I love Christmas baking so it’s a bad combination.  I baked cookies Monday and made this ridiculously delicious Christmas barley recipe from pinterest. Naturally I ate enough for five grown men in the past two days. I feel like shit and just want to crawl in bed and sleep it off but thats not possible anymore. Having a five month old doesn’t really allow that. Which also makes it not worth it. I hate feeling like shit and having to look after him its not fair to him and its hard on me. So I’m going to have to not go down that road this December.  I’m done baking for the season. If I were working it would be a different story, not such a strong reaction but being home all day its just too hard not to give in to the treat temptation. That’s the decision for now. I’m just looking forward to starting fresh tomorrow and hoping my little man sleeps well tonight.


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